What it’s all about


My #icebeard pics always look better when I’m wearing my Zpacks Fleece Hoody.

First and foremost, I’m a follower of Christ. Without Him, none of this would be possible. I am forever grateful and undeserving of His Grace and love. I give God the glory for all that I do.

#mybeardedself with my “Beautiful Bride” Ashley at Max Patch, NC

The children I call mine. From left to right; Melody, Connor, #mybeardedself, Kaitlyn, Maddie and Emily.

I’m a bearded husband to Ashley aka my “Beautiful Bride”…… (and she really is). I call her this to remind her that she is as beautiful today as the day I married her. Ashley supports me and she lets me be me and lets me do what I do. I’m a proud dad to 5 (1 boy and 4 girls (God help me) and a bearded hiking machine….. Did I already mention bearded?

Ashley and I got married November 24, 2013. I would love to tell that everything has been unicorns and rainbows, but I’d be lying. Before Ashley and her daughters Melody and Maddie came along, it was me and Connor. God definitely never prepared me for girls. Then later after my brother died, we adopted my two neices, Kaitlyn and Emily. So before I could blink, I had a house full of girls….. What just happened… haha


After a year of trying to manage preteen girl drama, I realized I needed a break from it or I was going to totally lose it. I felt like my mental health depended on it……. (REALLY) and the safety of everyone around me.. haha (not really…). Thats when I re-discovered hiking. I use to hiking a lot in my upper teens and twenties. I really enjoyed it, but with life changes and 2 failed marriages, I had gotten out of the habbit of it. So when I started hiking again it was like I was discovering me again.

My relationship with my beautiful bride and my children improved. The longer I would be out on a hike, the better our relationship got. I was able to de-clutter my brian, get away from all the noises. be surrounded in God’s creation and spend some one on One time with my Creator. Doing this gives me the ability to hit RESET and come back home after a few days to a week feeling refreshed and ready to take on the preteen monsters living in these pretty little girls. After all, a man can only handle so much singing, musicals, crying and fighting… haha.


I did mention it gets a little crazy…. right?

But don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love all of my children. I might not have helped create all of them and we might not all have the last name. But don’t doubt for one minute that I won’t claim all these kids as MINE. I’m blessed to be their “dad” and to be the one raising them.

I can say that hiking has made be a better husband, father and man. That is truly why I hike. Too bad it doesn’t make me any prettier, but that’s what the beard is for…… to hide the ugly..

My Hometown of Oliver Springs, TN. Nestled at the base of the Cumberland Mountains in East Tennessee.

My birth name is Benny Braden, but my trail name is “Plug-it In”. I was born and raised in East Tennessee. It’s where I’ve lived all my life and where I’m proud to call home.