New Series Coming Soon……. My Favorite Gear “Likes & Dislikes”

View of the Scottish countryside from the inside of my Zpacks Duplex.

Beginning next weekend I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be starting a new series of blog posts called “My Favorite Gear (Likes & Dislikes). I’m making this new series to show everyone my favorite gear and what I like, what I dislike and what I would change to make the gear better for me.

I’ve posted several gear lists before but never really talked about individual pieces of gear in detail. So why not… Every piece of gear I use has been field tested for a minimum of 230 miles. Some of the gear I’ll be reviewing has over 2,000 miles on them. Now that’s a gear test. Some of the gear is prototypes that never made it to production while other prototypes did. I also plan on giving first looks at new gear just now being released on the market.

The Zpacks Vertice Rain Jacket and Rain Kilt at Ozone Fall, TN

So be watching for this new series. I believe all you gear heads will certainly be interested in this. Each blog post will contain URL links which will take you to where you can get the gear. Each post will also be accompanied with a video linked to my YouTube channel.

My goal for this series is to give you an up close look at the gear and share with you my experience with that gear.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel to send me a message or comment.

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